Flow regulators are used to limit the flow rate of water and sewage in sewage systems. A properly designed installation with a flow regulator prevents flooding and inundation of areas as a result of heavy rains. Vortico offer includes many types of regulators that allow you to match the right device to a given application. We also make non-standard constructions adapted to specific assembly conditions,


Flap Valves prevents backflow in sewage systems. They are mounted on pipelines, in chambers or at sewage outlets. Vortico's offer includes flaps made of high-density polyethylene (PEHD) as well as steel valves made of stainless and acid-resistant steel. We have flat, oblique, with counterbalance, emergency closing, float, flaps for installation on a flat or round wall, or spigot end of a pipe, and also inserted into a pipe with an
o-ring seal.


Penstocks are used to cut off the flow or regulate the accumulation of water in the tank. We offer penstocks made of stainless and acid-resistant steel, and PEHD in versions for mounting on a wall or in a channel, as well as stop-log closures used for water accumulation or as repair closures made of aluminum, stainless steel and plastics. In addition to standard sizes, we offer penstocks made for specific needs with dimensions and parameters tailored to the user's needs.


Deflectors are used at inlets to limit the inflow to the opposite wall and calm the flow in the chamber. Protective gratings are used wherever it is necessary to protect the pipeline outlet against access by people and animals or to protect devices downstream form big solids. We offer devices adapted to a specific mounting place of any size.


Suction pipelines are required to enable water intake from underground fire water tanks. They are made in accordance with current regulations and have all the necessary documents allowing them to be used.


Inspection hatches are used to provide access to the space under the floor. They come in various forms, from simple flaps with a sheet metal cover to filled cover hatches with actuators. We offer delivery of hatches according to customer requirements in standard and non-standard sizes, made of stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, galvanized carbon steel and aluminum, in various load classes. We also offer hatches covered with a hinged or unhinged grate made of steel or plastic.


Ladders provide access to places inaccessible from ground level. They are used as climbing ladders for mounting in chambers and as access ladders for installasion on walls and structures. We also offer the design and construction of entire systems of service platforms with ladders, handrails and other necessary equipment.


Each and every pipeline must be supported. The correct selection of the types of supports and their arrangement is extremely important for the safety and functionality of the entire system. Compensation of stresses when changing the direction of the pipeline, fixing it in a fixed point and the possibility of installing insulation or adjusting the height of pipelines that require a technological slope are important factors that should be taken into account when designing supports.

We offer the manufacturing and supply of supports according to the customer's calculations and design, as well as assistance in the selection and design of appropriate supports based on the data provided by the customer.


Heat exchangers allow heat transfer between fluids. Widely used in industry. Our heat exchangers are calculated individually to match the process requirements. The modular structure and the possibility of determining construction details at the order stage allows for adaptation to the specific requirements of customers.

We offer manufacturing and delivery of devices based on customer documentation or according to our own design.


Pillar cranes are used wherever lifting/lowering or suspending devices is required. They comes in different variants of load capacity, dimensions and materials, with a manual or electric.