In many industries, dosing of various chemical substances is required. Wastewater treatment plants, water treatment plants, galvanizing plants, chemical industry and even swimming pools are places where dosing devices are widely used.
Vortico provides:

• Compact dosing systems with accessories mounted directly on the tank. Depending on the customer's requirements, dosing pumps, transfer pumps, foot valves, manual and automatic mixers, valves and all kinds of control and measuring equipment can be mounted, including thermometers, pH meters, conductometers etc..
• Advanced dosing systems consisting of a tank or several tanks mounted in a common housing together with an instrument panel containing all necessary fittings, control and measurement equipment as well as automation adapted to the customer's needs.

We use ready-made tanks made of high quality plastics, adapted to the medium and conditions, as well as tanks made to special order. We use devices and components from quality manufacturers. We care about the careful completion of all connections, ensuring high quality of the whole device.

Special versions:
We make dosing systems tailored to specific needs. The volume of tanks, pump capacity, materials and configurations are matched to meet customer requirements. We help in choosing the devices. We can provide a diagrams and drawings as well as 3d models that can be included in project.

Together with the delivery, we provide full technical documentation, operation and maintenance manual and quality documentation of the system. Where necessary, we provide hygienic certificates, material certificates and other required documents.