Exemplary Realizations

Below we present examples of projects realised by Vortico.


Supports for the heating network pipeline DN1200/1000 made of stainless steel. Vortico scope was the production and delivery of complete loose and directional sliding supports for the the project: Tram to Wilanów.

Stainless steel service hatches with granite slab filling. The Vortico company was involved from the stage of concept and design of manhole tops, through production and delivery of complete service hatches on the platforms of the West Railway Station in Warsaw. Covers of the sanitary chambers were made as full squares, while the covers of the teletechnical chambers were made as double covers with ventilation.

Stop-log closure with PVC beam, stainless steel guides and compression keys. Protection of the underground car park against flooding as a result of torrential rains. Comprehensive service including assembly on site.

Flap valve VKZ-PP DN1200. Comprehensive service with assemblyon site.

Design and modernization of the drive-through spray washer before KTL painting. The modernization consisted in replacing pumps and piping. Installation of new spray nozzles and access platforms inside the washer chambers and replacement of the door seal.

In addition, redesigned and replaced plate valves based on pneumatic actuators for switching between drainage tanks from the washing chamber.

Design of gamma particles detection system using 20 detectors. Scope of works: Support frame with "opening" system allowing movement of two halfs unit, polyhedron, detector mounting adaptors and target chamber mounting brackets.

System in accordance with standard PN-B-02857, consisting of stainless steel pipeline DN100 diameter, equipped with check valve with suction basket, vortex protection plate, drain valve and connector 110 acc. to PN-91/M-51038 + cover 110 acc. to PN-91/M-51024.

Pipeline supports with height adjustment for DN1000 Pipeline. Material: Hot Deep Galvanized Carbon Steel.

Delivery and installation of a stop-log closure installed in a chamber next to a retention tank.

Delivery and installation of penstocks and flow regualtors in the chambers.

Delivery of flap Valves PEHD to be installed in chambers.

Calculation, design and construction of a stainless steel tube-in-tube heat exchanger for cooling high viscosity liquids. Due to the laminar flow significantly reducing the efficiency of heat exchange, it was proposed to use static mixers in the inner tubes. This made it possible to reduce the size of the heat exchanger almost 50%.

Sliding supports and Fixed point for DN350 and DN500 pipeline. Material: Stainless steel.

Stop-log closure with HDPE beams.

Sliding supports and Fixed points for DN125 pipelines. Material: Carbon steel.

Conical flow regulator with a strainer basket protecting the inlet and an inspection cover for access to the inside of the regulator.

Project of the mechanism of rotating the hangers of details moving on the chain conveyor in the painting process. The mechanism is based on a pneumatic actuator and two optical sensors informing about the position of the hanger.

Support structure for cyclofilters and new route for pipelines.

Manufacturing drawings with calculations for end posts for zip-line.

Manufacturing drawings of Natural Gas coalescer tubesheet.

Design of target chamber allowing change of distance between detector and target plate, and removal of target plate from beam line.

Manufacturing drawings of Natural Gas scrubbers and coalescers.

Feasibility study and design of target chamber allowing change of target plate without opening of chamber, fitted to existing detecting system.

Design of support structure with maintenance platforms for absorbers and filters.

Design of maintenance platforms for separator.

Design of moblie trolley for radioactive samples transport working as line follower. Unit follows line painted on the lab. floor. 6 independent wheels, detectors in the bottom of the unit, automatic docking system, optional remote controll.