Knife gate valves PEHD VZN-A are used wherever it is necessary to cut off the flow in sewage systems. Mounted directly on pipelines or to the chamber wall in the version with an adapter. Made of PEHD and stainless steel ensures full resistance to weather conditions.


Body: PEHD

Shut-off plate, ribs and spindle: Stainless steel, e.g. AISI 304/304L - 1.4301/1.4307, acid-resistant AISI 316/316L – 1.4401/1.4404 or any other depending on customer requirements and conditions at the mounting site

Gaskets: EPDM (or other material depending on working conditions, e.g. NBR, VITON or silicone).


Valve is tight up to 1 bar. It is possible to make valve for higher pressure on request.

Sealing class: class C (0.03mm3/s x DN) acc. PN-EN 12266-1:2012 Tab. A.


Gate valves are installed depending on the selected type:

VZN-A-A - to the wall through the holes in the adapter using glued or mechanical anchors.

VZN-A-B - at the end of the pipe by pressing into the socket of the pipe or through a sleeve.

VZN-A-K - by flange connection using bolts with a gasket between the flanges.





Nominal Diameter
DN [mm]

Valve Height
H [mm]

Total Height
Hc [mm]

Valve Width
W [mm]
Valve Length
L [mm]

VZN-A 200

200 520 590 290 375

VZN-A 250

250 620 690 340 435

VZN-A 300

315 750 820 405 495

VZN-A 400

400 920 990 490 575

VZN-A 500

500 1120 1190 590 675

VZN-A 600

630 1380 1450 720 815

*Other sizes available on individual request. It is possible to make penstock of any size.
** Vortico reserves the right to make changes to suit a specific order.

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